Information Security Management, ISO 27001:2013

Information Security Management System Based on ISO/IEC 27001:2013

The Information Security Management System based on ISO 27001:2013 standard is applicable for information technology covering security techniques to meet requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving ISMS in any organization. For Information security management, under this revised standard total 36 Objectives and 127 controls are applicable. All 127 ISO risk controls are optional and as a part of continual improvement companies are increasing their controls. If some of the controls are not applicable then justification for such exclusions are required.
The information security management system has focus on:
Information Security Management System as per ISO 27001

  • Basic Focus of ISMS: Predictability & Repeatability.
  • Procedural Security & Technical (Product) Security.
  • Preventive Controls – Firewall.
  • All Assets impacting CIA are termed as Information Assets.
  • Users are all those having access to all information assets.
  • Risk identification and control mechanism.

The ISO 27001 based Information Security Management system is focusing on 3 important things.

1. Availability
2. Confidentiality
3. Integrity

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Success of Information Security System Depends On:

  • Policies, objectivities and activities match business needs and requirements.
  • Develop ISMS in line with existing Organizational Culture
  • Change Management-
  • Preventive controls rather than Detective controls
  • Awareness of ISO 27001 standard
  • Commitment from Management
  • Identify information assets impacting CIA
  • Understanding of security & Risk
  • Effective marketing of security within the organization.
  • Distribution of guidelines on policy and procedures.
  • Training & education
  • Implementation of PDCA cycle(Plan, Do, Check and Act)
  • Management Commitment for Policy; Objectives;Roles & responsibility; Resources etc

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  • ISO 27001:2013 IT information security mandatory procedures,
  • ISO:27001 information security policies to establish related IT information security controls,
  • Set of sample standard operating procedures and work instructions.
  • Set of more than 50 standard ISO 27001:2013 formats and record templates to implement IT security management system
  • A question bank of audit checklist questions as per ISO 27001 standard, which includes more than 500 Audit checklists and audit question on ISO 27001 IT security system.

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  • More than 400 audit checklist questions to audit ISO 27001:2013 system
  • Sample audit forms and templates like ISO 27001 ISMS audit plan, Audit corrective action form and ISO 27001 requirement wise audit cehcklist
  • Sample copy of certified ISO 27001:2013 auditor training certificate.